Tuesday, February 8, 2011

QSL Card de BV100

BV100 - 100 Years of the Republic Of China (Taiwan)

To celebrate the centennial of the Republic of China(Taiwan), a special call sign station BV100 has been issued by NCC on 2010/4/20.

To operate in coordination with the Republic of China(Taiwan) Centenary Foundation, BV100 will be QRV from 2010/10/10 to 2011/12/31.

BV100 will be QRV on all Amateur bands and all modes in the period.

Also we have BV100 Award program to give the award to hams who work with BV100.

More info : http://www.bv100.tw/EN/

Tnx Mr Bruce BV2KI (BV100 QSL Mgr) for nice QSL.

Rcvd : Feb 8, 2011

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